Michele Dawson Photography Dance Photo Ambassador Program
2023-2024 Applications are Closed

The Michele Dawson Dance Photo Ambassador Program was created to offer passionate, skilled dancers an opportunity to showcase their talents through photography and to be dedicated representatives of Michele Dawson Photography.

There are specialized photo sessions in small groups, individual spotlight sessions, and a fun holiday party/photo session. In the process, ambassadors make new friends and forge a sense of community.

There will be three ambassador teams:

  • The Petite team for younger dancers (generally under 12) who are new to photo sessions and don't have or are just getting started with Instagram.
  • The Ambassador team for the serious dancer who has their own Instagram account and following.
  • The Elite team for the older and/or more advanced dancers who are active on Instagram. Being a previous ambassador for Michele Dawson Photography is preferred, but not required.

Tentative Application Schedule:

Feb. 12: Applications open

Feb. 20: Applications close

On or before Feb. 25: Emails sent out with ambassador results

March 3: Contracts and deposit due

March 8: Ambassadors announced on social media

How many ambassadors will there be? I'm not sure yet. To be honest, I would prefer focusing on a smaller group, so it will likely be more competitive this year. The Elite team will have 6-10 members.



"Being an ambassador allowed me to become more confident in myself. I loved making new friends and working with Miss Michele. Her patience, creativity, and skill encouraged me to take risks and grow in front of the camera and in my everyday life."

~ Quinn



"I absolutely adore being an Ambassador for Michele Dawson Photography. From my first shoot, Michele made me feel comfortable and part of the group. She ensures we are prepared and creates an easy going environment where we are able to express ourselves artistically and the photos perfectly represent this. To top it all off she’s helped us build a community of new friendships and support and the importance of giving back. "

~ Aylani


"Being an ambassador allowed me to become more comfortable and confident in front of the camera by trying new dance movements and helped me with my improv skills. One of my favorite things about being an ambassador was meeting new friends that have the same interests and love for dance that I do."

~ Charlotte


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