Fundamentals 1 Jazz (My First Vacation)Creative Movement WED (My First Bubble Bath)Fundamental 2 Ballet (My First Skate: limited due to lighting conditions)Pre-Ballet 2 (My First Day of School)Pre-Ballet 1 (My First Puppy)Pre-Ballet 2 SAT (My First Swim)Fundamental 1 Ballet (My First Garden)Creative Movement SAT (My First Dance Show)Fundamental 2 (My First Hoedown)Dance of the HensLise and the RibbonsFarm GirlsOff to the HarvestVillage GirlsFlute DanceHens and Farm Girls ArriveSimone's Clog DanceLiseBallet FinaleLevel 3 Broadway (My First Broadway Show)Level 2 Contemporary (My First Friend)Level 4 Jazz (My First Triumph)Level 3 Contemporary (My First Struggle)Level 2 Broadway (My First Haircut)Level 1 Jazz (My First Disco)Level 4 Broadway (My First Heels)Level 2 Jazz (My First Sleepover)Level 3 Jazz (My First Party)Level 4 Contemporary (My First Heartbreak)Finale dance