If you plan on purchasing multiple performance photos, the easiest way is to keep track of your "favorites."
To add a favorite:

  • You'll be asked to register.
  • Once you're registered and looking through the photos, click the heart icon on the picture(s) you want. You will then have all your favorites together in one spot and can order them all together, instead of purchasing through individual galleries (each gallery contains images from one dance).
  • Once you select your favorites, you can proceed to buy digital images or prints through the web site. Digital images are delivered via email within 24 hours. Prints are shipped to your home within 7-10 days, based on the photo lab production and shipping times.

One you purchase a digital image, it is yours to use for online sharing and printing. The images you purchase are watermark-free.

One high-resolution downloadable image: $8
5 high-resolution downloadable images: $30
10 high-resolution downloadable images: $50
20 high-resolution downloadable images: $75

4x6 print: $6
5x7 print: $8

8x10 print: $12
Plus shipping for prints.
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